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1) Question: I click on the "click To Play" Button and when I get to the player page I can not get the music to play.

Answer: This is a popup player and you may not have popups enabled. Enable popups for the page and the player will open. If your still not getting the music the music is either off line, your speakers are not turned up or your web browser does not have the proper plugins for the player. Copy the link in the popup player and add it to you're favorite player in the play URL line and it should start playing for you. Most people prefer to use windows media player to listen.

 2) Question: When I click on the Join us on Facebook link and go to facebook I cannot post to your page. Why not?

Answer: You may not be logged in to facebook. Everyone must be logged into facebook to post to our page.

 3) Question: How can I donate to Mystic Music Radio?

Answer: You can donate to Mystic Music Radio by going to our Donate page and clicking on the Paypal Donate Link on 2 locations on the page. If you prefer to donate by check you can use the address provided on that page.

 4) Question: I would like to donate using paypal but I do not have a paypal account how do I donate using paypal without an account?

Answer: Paypal no longer requires you to have an account with them to donate. Just click on the donate link and pick the option that suites you.

 5) Question: I use to be a member of your community but the link I have no longer works do you have a new link to the it?

Answer: No We had to take down our community due to a large amount of spammers and abusive users. We are working to create a new one but have not done it at this time.

6) Question: Do you play Rap Music?

Answer: No we do not play Rap Music on this station. The reason we do not play Rap music on this station is because our listeners do not consider it to be music.

7) Question: I made a request for a song to be played, but it was never played. Why?

Answer: There could be several reasons your song was not played. 1) The song you requested may have not been the type music played on this station. 2) We may not have the song at this time and will be adding it to our list once we get it. 3) You may have requested the song outside of the listed request times. 4) Since this is an automated station there may not be anyone watching the requests at the time it came in or there may be another reason.

8) Question: I am a producer or song writer and sent you a song to be listened to and possibly be played by your station but it was never play. Why is this?

Answer: We do not always play songs sent to us by others for a couple of reasons. 1) The song is not the kind of music played on this station. 2) We have several people listen to your song and have decided it is not something we want to play on this station. This does not mean that your song was bad, it means in most cases that it just was not what our listeners want to listen too. You may or may not get a return Email letting you know the reason, due to the amount of people that send in songs we cannot get back to everyone.

 If you have a question that is not listed here, please go to the contact page to ask your question. Our contact form has a drop down menu you can use to pick the option that best describes the question you want to ask. We will answer you're question as soon as we can.


We want to thank everyone that supports this Radio Station and our site. We aim to please each of you that visit this site and listen to the music played. If you don't hear the song you would like to hear please feel free to put in a request and then listen until you here your song. We really hope that you will listen to the station every day but we know that you like us have to work for a living.



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