Mystic Music Radio

Mystic Music internet radio station is listener supported. Playing album rock and chart hits from over the past 40 years.

This Station is Dedicated to “The Captain” RIP My Friend

We would like to thank our supporters for their continued support.  
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Mystic Music Radio started in 1998 as an experiment. We used this as a learning process for software testing . After several years of testing we went live in 2005. At the time we ran it on the weekends or when we were at the computer to listen to music, With nothing more then a DJ program and a basic page with a listen button. We did this for a few years then designed this website, we got our license and now we play live music around the world.

In 2007 we met up with Gene a retired Navy Veteran who also had the same dream. He wanted advertising for his toner business We set him up with a package deal and became good friends. My name is Bill, also a retired Veteran from the US Air Force.

RIP Gene (AKA The Captain) November 1947 – December 4, 2021

This station is a hobby and we make no profits for what we do. Gene and I work as a team to make sure that the best music is played each and every day. We take Requests for music you would like to hear. You’re donations are the only thing that keep this station alive. You can only imagine how much a month it takes to keep us up and running and we take none of it for ourselves. All Income goes right back in the station.

Want to advertise on our site? Send us your banner ad and we will add it to our advertisers page for a small fee. Read the terms for that on our donation page for more information. As long as you are here click the listen button, listen for a while you may hear something you haven’t heard in years. Tell your friends, make a request and sit back and enjoy the music.

This Station plays album rock and chart hits from the past 40 years. Featuring Christian, R&B, Soul, Country, Hard Rock, and old time Rock and Roll. We play some of the more soothing golden oldies. Plus much more.

Do you want to hear a song played? Send us a Request. It will add it to our collection and put it in the mix. Sorry we don’t play Rap.

Want to help keep this station an advertisement free station? Please help us by making a small donation. It is surprising how far a $5.00 donation will go.

Our Station joined Live365 to make sure that it follows all web casting rules and royalty laws. You can Listen by clicking on our “Listen Live Button” link on the side bar. Mystic Music Radio wants to make sure that we are 100% Legal, and at the same time give you a High Quality Sound not the old tin can effect.

Want to Listen to Mystic Music radio on the go? Go to your phones Play Store and download The Live365 APP, Then Search Mystic Music Radio and add it to your favorites. Now you can listen to us from anywhere. 

We are on Skype. To find us just open you’re skype app, search Mystic Music Radio, add us as a contact and you can send us messages anytime. We would love to hear from you. Don’t worry we don’t have a camera on the Station server so you don’t have to worry about being spied on LOL.


Requests will only be played between during the hours shown below.
Monday Through Friday: 7 pm to 9:30 pm
Saturday & Sunday: 1 pm to 11 pm

Some requests will be played at the discretion of the station management.

We Do NOT Play RAP.

The above times are Eastern Time (EST)
Please remember when making a song request to add the
Artist and song title.

If you are sending us a song to listen to and add to our play list, please make sure the email you use works. If we like the song, we will add it to our play list and send you an email letting you know. If we do not think the song fits, we will also let you know. If the email rejects and we want to add your song the song will be deleted and not played.

If you are having an issue with anything before you send us an email asking for help, please go to our help page first. Your answer may be there and answered for you. Help page is temporally offline.