Mystic Music Update


Mystic Music update. A player widget has been added to our front page. This new player widget will keep you on the site, but if you want to do other things you can pop it out like the old player worked.

The little square with the arrow in the upper right had corner of the player will allow you to pop the player out of the page. The symbol next to it will allow you to share it to Facebook or twitter as well. we hope you will like the new player. As changes come up for the player, we will add them.

As always if you see something you would like to see added to the site let us know and if we can get it will try to get it added.

Live in the Valdosta Area, have a Small Engine to Repair?

Live in the Valdosta Area, have a Small Engine to Repair?

If you live in the Valdosta Area and need your Lawn equipment repaired or serviced you can get it done at an affordable price at Bill’s Small Engine and Outdoor Power Equipment Repair. No need to pay over $100.00 per Hour to have it looked at then fixed. Small Engine Repair is something they love to do.

They have opened for Business in Valdosta and have affordable pricing just for you. They will look at your machine and let you know what it will cost of have it fixed or serviced. If the cost is more than it is worth they will give you recommendations on what to do next.

Why can they operate at such low prices? it’s because they have no overhead and operate directly from home.

Their website is located at They are still building this website, but they can still take your machine and service it or repair it for you at a reasonable price. Go to their site and contact them for any questions.

Mystic Music Radio has now upgraded

Mystic Music Radio

Mystic Music Radio has now upgraded our site. You can now view our site on all of your Cell phones, iPad, Android devises, iPhones and more.

We rebuilt our site just for you. We want you to be comfortable using this site.

Go to our home page to down load the app.